Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Update on Josh's surgery

I just realized that I hadn't posted recently about Josh's surgery. As I said before, the original surgery date was canceld and the surgery postponed because of one piece of cereal.

Josh had surgery to remove his thyroglossal duct cyst on March 23. Yup, his birthday. We celebrated his birthday the Saturday before, so as far as he thought, he had already had his birthday.

On the morning of surgery, we had to be there at 5:45 am for a 7:00 am surgery time. We didn't wake Josh up even until it was time to walk out the door. Mom also came over to take care of James, but arrived when we woke up just in case Josh woke up. We weren't going to let cereal mess everything up again.

His surgery lasted about 1 hour and 15 minutes. He did really well. When he was in recovery we were called back to be there as he woke up. He remained in recovery for about 1 hour. The hospital had rocking chairs in each cubicle, so I was able to hold and rock him as he woke up. He was in a lot of pain and didn't want to swallow, which made it difficult to get him to swallow the pain medicine they had for him. Finally the nurse gave him some pain medicine through his IV to take the edge off. As he dozed off and on, I was finally able to get him to swallow the liquid medicine which was good, because they needed to make sure he could swallow. Finally we took him home. He slept most of the morning and around lunch was ready for food, he thought. I bought him a milkshake and fries (what he wanted). He didn't even try the milkshake, but just held it for a while. The fries didn't get eaten either because he didn't want to swallow. I had to remind him to drink fluids so he wouldn't get dehyrdated and to help work the muscles in the his throat. He kept ice on his chin and was on Vicadin for the first few days. He drooled a lot the first day as well since he didn't want to swallow his saliva. (Side note: Vicadin makes him hyper I found out).

It took about 3 days to get him to really eat anything. All he wanted to do was drink little bits of fluid and then would place ice on his chin to prepare for the next time he had to swallow.

He is doing really well now. They removed the banadage at his two week followup. It looks good. The scar is about 2 inches long and healing very nicely. Josh has discovered that he can now gargle again, which he hasn't been able to do for awhile because of the lump.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

One piece of cereal

Well, we almost got the cyst removed from Josh' neck on Monday, but one piece of cereal thwarted it. Yup you read right, one piece of cereal. Right before we left for the hospital at 6 AM, I dropped a piece of cereal on the floor and didn't know it. Then before I could stop him, he ate it. So when we got to the hospital and the nurse asked if he had had anything to eat or drink in the past 8 hours, I told them about the 1 piece of cereal. So the anesthesiologist canceled the surgery since he was at risk for aspiration from that 1 piece of cereal when they put him to sleep.

So it has been rescheduled. This week was full, the doctor's schedule was full with tonsil removals. Next week, the doctor is on vacation. So Josh is now scheduled for surgery on March 23rd, his birthday.

Thursday, March 04, 2010

Thyroglossal Duct Cyst

Well, I thought after all of the medical issues we dealt with last year, this year would be better. For those of you who don't know or don't remember, here is a recap of last year.
January 2009 - March 2009 - James gets ear infection after infection, each taking longer to resolve than the last. It resulted in him having outpatient surgery to place tubes in his ears.

June 2009 - James after having reoccuring breathing issues is diagnosed with asthma and placed on routine asthma medicine

July 2009 - Josh gets strep throat

October 2009 - James gets another ear infection which flares his asthma up.

November 2009 - December 2009 - Josh breaks his arm when he jumped off of a fence at day care. For the next two months he sees the orthepedic doctor every few weeks for more x-rays to monitor that it is healing correctly. He goes from a cast to a brace.

December 2009 - James continues to fight his asthma with a cold, which resulted in the last week of the month him being placed in the hospital to monitor his asthma more closely.

January 1 - 3, 2010 - James is home from the hospital and Josh gets his brace off.

We started out the year pretty good and with high hopes.

Oh well......

A couple of weeks ago Josh got a knot on his chin. This is the third time it has been there. The first was last July when he had strep throat. The second was in November when he had a cold and now this time. But different from the last two times, he wasn't sick this time. It continued to grow from a small pea to a marble to a small ping-pong ball in one week. By the weekend Josh was complaining that it hurt a little to swallow.

So last week, I took him in to see the pediatrician thinking we would get some kind of antibiotic and go our merry way. Not so. After much feeling of the knot, he tells me there are two possibilites. 1 and most likely he has a thyroglossal duct cyst and needs surgery or 2. it is a lymph node and will have to figure what is causing it to do this. He sent us to get a sonagram of the knot. If it was fluid filled, then it is the cyst.

Well long story short, it was fluid filled and diagnosed as the cyst. Two days later we saw the Ear Nose and Throat doctor (same one who did James' tubes) to review the sonagram results and schedule the surgery. A thyroid sonagram was ordered to see where his thyroid was hoping it was where it belongs. He was placed on antibiotics to control the swelling and hopefully reduce it until the day of surgery.

Here is a little info on a thyroglossal duct cyst. While the baby is in the womb and developing, the thyroid begins in the chin and as the baby continues to develop it slowly migrates to the base area of the neck by the time the baby is born. What is left in the chin is called the primative thyroid. Occasionally someone is born with a little residual tissue there that fills with fluid, like Josh's has. The swelling can come and go, but each time will be bigger and last longer then the last. Once it is discovered, it has to be removed. On very rare occasions, the thyroid doesn't migrate to the neck and remains in the chin. That is why the thyroid sonagram was ordered.

He had the thyroid sonagram this Monday (3/1/10). The scan showed a normal thyroid where it belongs thankfully. He will be having surgery on Monday 3/8/10. It is an hour long procedure, completed outpatient. A inch long incision is made in the crease of the neck. The cyst goes down the neck and up to the back of the tongue and is attached to the middle of the hyoid bone. All of it is removed as well as part of the hyoid bone to ensure that no tissue remains. If any does, the risk is there for this to reoccur and another surgery needed.

I will keep you posted next week after the surgery.

Friday, January 01, 2010

December 2009

This month has been a very eventful one to say the least. From December 6 - 12 Chris and I went to Puerto Vallarta Mexico without the boys! That was a change to be without them for a week. My parents kept James and Josh and had a blast with them. Chris and I met up with his dad and stepmom, Jerry and Kathy Drovdahl. They have a timeshare there. It was very pretty there and warm. It felt kind of weird going to a warm place during the Christmas season. We had a great time and are talking about taking the boys if we go again. We stayed at Paradise Village. It is definetly more of a family oriented resort with lots for families to do.

We had the fun of swimming in the beach as well as swimming in very large swimming pools.

On Wednesday, we took a sailboat ride to an Indian village on the other side of the bay. While on the way there, we saw several humpback whales. When we got to the village, we hiked up through the village to a waterfall. We then went back to the beach and ate lunch. After that we sailed back to the resort. On the way, we stopped for a snorkeling opportunity with the fish. Chris and Jerry went snorkeling, I stayed on deck and took pictures.

Most of the restaurant we ate at were on the beach. On time we even had the wave come up so far, that it went under our table, and Chris' chair started to sink. Another time we had an iguana fall from a tree next to us. We were at a restaurant that overlooked a river. The iguana fell to the river shore, but was ok.

We had a nice suite. It had a living area, dining area, kitchen area, 3 bedrooms, and 3 bathrooms. It was a corner suite, so the balcony was a 2 side wraparound overlooking the harbor where the very expensive boats were docked. The balcony also had a jacuzzi on it.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

First Broken Arm

Well, it has finally happened.... a few years before I would have thought though. I didn't expect Josh to break an arm until he was around 10 years old about the time he would be tall enough to reach the bottom branches of our trees. Well instead he was 3 years old and it was a fence. Last Wednesday, November 11, Josh was climbing a fence at day care and jumped off. When he fell, he broke his arm. He has a green stick fracture, which means he broke one side and bent the other. He broke the ulna and bent the radius. The ER splinted his arm. We saw a orthopedist yesterday. He was very pleased with how the arm looked after he took of the splint. So much so, Josh was able to finally get it casted. He chose blue to match the Mustang. Josh will have is arm x-rayed again in a week to check the progress of the healing. At that time they will decide how long he will have to wear a cast. The estimate right now is 3 weeks only.

This was taken Wednesday night after we got home from the hospital. He was a very brave boy the whole time. The only time he really cried was while getting x-rayed.

He was supposed to have his arm elevated for the first 48 hours with ice on it every hour or so to help with the swelling. So he went to work with me on Thursday and Friday. He was pretty comfortable there.

He is showing off his new cast. After we finished getting the cast on his arm, he wanted to go back to the day care to show his friends his blue cast.

Thursday, October 08, 2009

Where has the time gone?

It is hard to believe where the time has gone. Josh is getting so mature in his actions. James looks like a little boy rather than a baby.... I am just amazed how fast time flies when you aren't noticing.

So here is an update on our life...
Josh and James have been going to the day care now for almost 10 months. They both have settled in and seem to enjoy going. Josh now has his first best friend, named Payton. And the best part is that Payton calls Josh his best friend too. Josh has even learned that although he has a best friend, it is ok to have more friends as well. So now Riley is his friend. Josh has discovered electronics. He loves playing with my Ipod. He is able to do the racing games for the first time, because you turn the actually Ipod in the direction you want to go and no buttons to push.

James has become a character. He is very "helpful" in his definition. For example, the other day he saw that I had a box of scalloped potatoes on the counter while I was cooking dinner. I threw the box away when I was done with it. He got it out of the trash and brought it to me because I had been using it earlier. He has also started to pose (ham it up) every time he sees a camera aimed at him. So I have some big grinned photos of him.

Even though the H1N1 flu is rampant in Longview, our immediate family has managed to avoid catching it. That is despite my brother having it and a lady I work with having it. We are using lots of hand sanitizer at this point.

Both boys have discovered the fun of boxes. We buy bulk diapers from Sams, so I have large diaper boxes and wipes boxes. The boys love to sit in them. They each have their own. They also will stack all of them and then knock them down. It sure helps pass the evenings away with them so occupied with their boxes. They will even sit in them with their sippy cups to watch cartoons.

Monday, September 07, 2009

Random pictures from August 2009

Sorry, it has been so long since I posted. We have been staying pretty busy, but not by choice. James has been fighting a sinus infection off and on again for the past 2 months. Last week, Josh came down with croup. But I am thankful to report that both are on the mend now. Anway here are some of my favorite pictures from August. I hope you enjoy them.